New Marlborough 5 Village News

New Marlborough 5 Village News

December 2016

In this issue: Maggie’s List creator Debra Herman looks back on the genesis of this all-but-essential community bulletin board — and muses on its future.

Also: Updates on doings at the Highway and Fire & Rescue Departments; the creation of an Agricultural Commission; the latest broadband developments; a reorganization of the Southfield Water Company; and, for the first time, a coloring page with a seasonal theme. (Print out page 24, and have a little fun!)


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With its five separate villages ( Clayton, Hartsville, Mill River, New Marlborough, and Southfield ) and its miles of rural roads, New Marlborough has long presented a vexing communication disconnect for its citizenry. The New Marlborough 5 Village News was conceived to meet that challenge in the form of a free monthly newspaper.

In May 2000, the first issue arrived in the mailboxes of every single resident - - subsequent issues have followed faithfully every month since. The immediate goal of the New Marlborough 5 Village News is to bring news and items of upcoming interest or importance to the attention of our population, from one end of this decentralized town to the other. The broader, more long-term goal is to foster a greater sense of community and civic participation among the residents of New Marlborough. The 5 Village News is written, edited, and designed by volunteers; it is supported by the generosity of its readers.

Now, with the creation of the New Marlborough 5 Village News website, we are able to offer the current edition digitally and provide access to all back issues dating from January 2013. The website also makes it easier than ever to correspond with the paper: to send us letters, story ideas, photographs, and, yes, the contributions that enable us to continue to publish the paper and maker it available to every resident of New Marlborough.

NM5VN Editorial Team:
Martha Bryan, Jane Burke, Larry Burke, Barbara Lowman, David Lowman, Joe Poindexter, Jodi Rothe, Peter Schuyten, Barry Shapiro, Pam Stebbins, Jon Swan, Marianne Swan

Contributing writers:
Kenzie Fields, Ann Getsinger, Mary Richie Smith, Tara White

Diane Barth

Donna Weaver


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In the belief that an informed citizenry is the backbone of an enlightened town, the 5 Village News is mailed free to every New Marlborough resident with a mailbox or a Post Office box. This policy has been made possible because of the faithful support of New Marlborough residents.

Remarkably, the paper has not spent a single day in debt. If you would like to join the supporters of the 5 Village News , please mail your tax deductible contribution to:

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